Joseph Bush


Joseph Bush is the Director of Practice in Ministry and Mission at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington DC. He has also taught at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities in Minnesota, the Presbyterian School of Ministry in New Zealand and at the ecumenical Pacific Theological College in Fiji. An ordained minister in the United Methodist Church, he is the author of several articles in the areas of social ethics, environmental ethics, professional ethics, and pastoral ministry.

Selected Works

Practical Theology
"Dr. Bush draws upon a wealth of material in ethics, sociology, and practical theology, in addition to his own experience teaching in multiple contexts, to present a text for ministry education that is both scholarly and practical. " --Sharon Tan
Pastoral Ethics
Named One of the Top Ten Books for 2006 by the Academy of Parish Clergy
Theological Field Education
Theology practiced is the theme that runs through the essays in this useful book by some of our most astute teachers of practical theology. Anyone who cares about the practice of Christian theology will profit from this book." --Will Willimon

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