Joseph Bush


Practical Theology in Church and Society
"Could there be anything more practical than having a method for reflective practice that takes the dialectical interplay of faith, theory, and social context seriously so we may live out our calling and minister with integrity and effectiveness? Joseph E. Bush Jr. has articulated such a method and, again, has kept us indebted by producing another significant work in practical theology. It's my privilege to welcome it!" --Eleazar S. Fernandez

Gentle Shepherding: Pastoral Ethics and Leadership
"In Gentle Shepherding, Joseph Bush has written a thoughtful and thorough text in pastoral ethics. Working 'from the middle,' Bush artfully weaves together a solid ethical framework with practical guidance for all dimensions of ministry practice." --Christie Cozad Neuger

Brimming With God: Reflecting Theologically on Cases in Ministry. Edited by Barbara J. Blodgett and Matthew Floding
"Here is a book that shows you how theological reflection works. Using a variety of approaches, expert practitioners demonstrate how to theologically think about concrete, particular ministry situations. This is practical thinking that matters for the church. Every theological educator can benefit from this group of master practitioners." --Kathleen A. Cahalan

Selected Works

Practical Theology
"Dr. Bush draws upon a wealth of material in ethics, sociology, and practical theology, in addition to his own experience teaching in multiple contexts, to present a text for ministry education that is both scholarly and practical. " --Sharon Tan
Pastoral Ethics
Named One of the Top Ten Books for 2006 by the Academy of Parish Clergy
Theological Field Education
Theology practiced is the theme that runs through the essays in this useful book by some of our most astute teachers of practical theology. Anyone who cares about the practice of Christian theology will profit from this book." --Will Willimon

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